I was nine years old when I became interested in amusement rides.  I had spent that summer of my life staying at my Uncle's hotel, at Salisbury Beach (MA).  It was a typical seaside amusement park consisting of several little parks in one beach resort area.  A few years later my cousins gave me a miniature carnival they had constructed as a pastime on rainy days.  It was made from bottle caps, erector set parts, pieces from board games, and other assorted items around the house.  It was not very realistic or detailed but it was enough to get me started on building my own models.  At first my models were rather crude but I began to develop my skills and started to build my own miniature carnival.  By the time I was in high school my miniature show was on display at local hobby shows, featured in a newspaper article, and once displayed on a local TV show.

I was 20 years old when I purchased my first "real" ride and started my own carnival two years later. I still spent a good deal of time on the ride models during the winter.  One winter my project was to completely rebuild all the models I had previously made. In 1998, I was trying to think of a way to supplement my income during the winter months.  I was praying about situation when the thought came to my me, "I wonder if anyone would buy one of my models."  I placed an ad in "Midway Journal Illustrated".

At first I built a Spitfire ride in 1/4 scale, but it did not sell, so I decided to try HO scale.  I was used to working in a much larger scale so it was a challenge at first.  HO scale proved to be the more popular scale, but I have built models for customers in several other scales.  The first year I sold 3 models, but since then I have sold over 100 ride models.